Practical Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift

Publisert av NUUG

Value types are at the core of Swift (seriously, mostly everything in the Swift standard library is a value type). But how do you avoid subclassing? That's where the power of Protocol-Oriented programming comes in. Learn how to structure your code to (almost) never subclass again! Practical everyday examples and ideas for your own code base will be included. The speaker Natasha Murashev is an iOS developer by day and a robot by night. She blogs about Swift, WatchOS, and iOS development on her blog,, and curates a fast-growing weekly Swift newsletter: This Week in Swift. In her free time, she works on personal projects, speaks at meetups and conferences, contributes to open source, and likes to cross things off her bucket list. She's currently living the digital nomad life as her alter identity: @NatashaTheNomad.